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Hello everyone, welcome to a new video in this opportunity we will face the Samsung M10 VS the Samsung A20 Remember to subscribe and activate the bell of notifications. Then let's start DESIGN The Galaxy M10 does not stray too far from the Basic principles of samsung design. The completely plastic construction is, at best, utilitarian, but the company seems to bet on the solidity general than for a striking design. That does not mean that nothing has changed. Compared to samsung J series, the M10 certainly adopts a more modern The front of the phone makes use of a water drop style notch and has minimum bevels to start. The Galaxy M10 feels comfortable to hold in hand besides feeling and looking premium while you do it. In its dimensions we find 155.6 x 75.6 x 7.7 mm thick and a weight of 163 grams. The Samsung Galaxy A20 follows the standard design of the series A, launched in the year 2019. It has a 'glasstic' 3D appearance support superior, which is also improved by saying it in some way with your building materials which is made of polycarbonate with glass finishes, which is certainly a magnet for the tracks, as we can appreciate it. This device is exactly similar to Galaxy A30, except that Samsung is using a different AMOLED panel with a cut out V (compared to Infinity-U on the A30, a minor change). This component houses the front camera of 8MP. Unfortunately, there is no led notification light on the device, so you'll have to review your phone all the time to know if you have notifications The Samsung A20 has rounded corners well done with a few frames really reduced elegant, but that do not rest on your part lower. In its dimensions we find 158.4 x 74.7 x 7.8 mm thick and weighing 169 grams PERSONALIZATION The Samsung m10 we will find it in 2 unique tones such as black and blue, with which we can see that this new M series of Samsung, does not think much about variation for your different public The Samsung A20 is available in different tonalities depending on the country where you find yourself, among these tones we have the black, blue and red BUTTON Continuing with the ergonomics of the samsung m10, we can say that it can be easily accessed to the volume control and the power buttons located on the right side of the phone. In the lower part we have a micro-USB port. We understand the need to maintain familiarity of the components at this price point, but a UBS port type C definitely would have helped the phone stand out compared to competitors.

Next to the charging port there is a connector for headphones. The loudspeaker grille, on the other hand, is on the back of the phone, so that the sound is muted if it plays Music with the phone on a table. The reproduction of music is strictly average. Something negative that this device has is that we will not have a fingerprint reader, which only leaves us security with the pattern or facial recognition. For the Samsung a20 we will have that on the side right it houses the typical volume button and the power button. Its placement is adequate and easy to reach for our fingers. While on the left side it will be the only tray that houses the slots for Dual-SIM cards and a slot for dedicated micro SD card. At the top is the microphone for noise cancellation, while in the lower part are the port 3.5mm audio, the main microphone, the speaker and a USB port type C. I thank Samsung for equipping the Galaxy A20 with a type C port, since it offers speeds faster file transfer than the classic micro USB ports. This device counts on its back central with the fingerprint scanner oblong with silver details that always looks first quality, its operation It is very fast, adequate and above all it presents very few reading errors not to say null RAM For the Samsung m10 we will run into two different versions, in one we will have 2 and in the other 3GB. For the Samsung A20 we will come across a only 3GB version. Which does not give space for choice on the part of the buyer, something that I would have liked that will implement a 4GB version STORAGE In the Samsung m10 as in his Ram we will tell with two unique versions of 16 and 32GB, which can be further expanded with cards microSD up to 512GB. In the Samsung A20 as in his Ram we will tell with a single 32GB version, which can be further expanded with microSD cards up to 512GB. PROCESSOR The Samsung m10 is powered by an Exynos 7870 Octa core that is quite old in regarding processors. This exynos has eight Cortex cores A53 with a speed of 1.6GHz, what makes it less powerful than the Snapdragon 625 used by competing devices like the Redmi 6 Pro from Xiaomi. This processor that has the m10 was announced in 2016 and, as such, it is becoming very common to have it in midrange devices, without being the most novel, sincerely. This terminal is disappointing when it comes to of performance. In addition to the slow recognition of the face, there are considerable delays in other functions simple, how to change from the camera to the gallery to see the images that we just took, recharge some background applications and perform Multiple tasks quickly. We try to run PUBG Mobile on the phone, and the experience was expected to be bad with many performance problems, including with the lowest graphics settings, but what we have is that it works well, a little slow, with some obstacles but that It is manageable. Although if you want the phone only for games think twice before acquiring it. In terms of performance the Samsung A20 equates the Exynos 7884 Octa-core processor that runs at 1.6GHz with a Mali-G71 MP2 GPU. At first, when I saw this I thought it was just a typo because the Samsung a8 2018 has the Exynos 7885 a version a hair more recent than this terminal that It is supposed to be the most innovative of Samsung. But it turns out that it is not. The performance is not so bad, but neither it's great. It is smooth in basic and fast navigations when applications are loaded. However, I felt some delays and pulls in your performance, especially when I'm trying to look for something in your configuration or in the PlayStore. Play games like Mobile Legends or PUBG Mobile It's very easy, since it runs smoothly but we must handle a configuration of reduced graphics. The phone manages to increase the temperature around the area of ​​the camera while you play for longer periods, but will not reach uncomfortable levels, and in some how many times is lag presented, while we develop the game. BOTH BOTH The Samsung Galaxy M10 has a battery of 3,400mAh, which is almost standard for this phone category. Samsung has done a great job of extracting a long battery life of the terminal. Without resorting to aggressive management of the battery, the phone can last comfortably a full day of use and something more. In a video loop test with levels of brightness in the middle of the route, the phone lasted more than 8 hours of continuous playback. With a mix of games, social networks and web browsing, the phone worked during more than 6 hours of screen time on average during our trial period. In general, the M10 lost only 5% load in the course of a PUBG session of thirty minutes Something to highlight is that this device does not It has fast loading, something that many people examine before acquiring a phone. In the Samsung a20 we will carry a battery 4,000 mAh with a fast charge of 15 watts, which is significant given that most of smartphones at this price They do not have this technology. The test of autonomy managed to throw us with an active screen time of 7 hours approximately, which can increase or decrease depending on how you use the device, because with a relatively normal use the telephone it can happen even from the day of use, with which will not have to load the device each night. When it comes to cargo, it reached 100% in 1 hour and 45 minutes from a battery initial 20%, which is faster than others Smartphones with the same or higher battery capacity. SOFTWARE The Samsung M10 runs on Android 8.1 Oreo, with the Samsung Experience user interface 9.5 which is the personalization layer itself of the company. In the Samsung Galaxy A20 will have factory Android 9.0 Pie software, under the layer of personalization of Samsung One UI (YOUAY) SCREEN The Galaxy M10 has a 6.23 LCD screen inches with HD + resolution of 720 x 1520 pixels, the screen is definitely not the sharpest, from images, videos and even text, it offers a good experience but without a doubt it can improve. That said, the screen is very vibrant and in general it looks nice. We noticed a small amount of change of color at extreme angles, but this is something that really does not concern most of the users.

Unfortunately, there is no granular control about color temperature and levels of saturation. While the screen is perfectly visible indoors, you may want to turn off Automatic brightness control when you're outdoors to maximize the glow of the screen. The biggest change of this terminal is the notch of drop shape on top. Samsung calls the panel an Infinity screen V-shaped, due to the shape of your cutout in the upper part that houses the camera frontal. There is not a software configuration for hide the notch. However, it gets used very quickly and during the review period, this notch It was never an impediment in the use.

270 The Samsung a20 despite its large size 6.4 inches and its Super AMOLED panel, only has an HD + resolution of 720 x 1560 pixels I was quite disappointed. Also let's add the fact that only has a density of 269 pixels which is relatively low In any case, the visual experience continues being lovely with striking colors, as is the experience in super panels AMOLED, has decent viewing angles and thin bevels.

I can also use the Galaxy A20 even under direct sunlight even with 80% of brightness, which adjusts automatically thanks to its ambient light sensor so which is an advantage. Another negative section is that we can only Play videos on Youtube and Netflix at a 720p resolution, so it's really disappointing. In his panel we can also see the notch where is the front camera of 8 MP, which can disappear with adjustments directly from the device software as I show you in the video. CAMERA The Samsung Galaxy M10 has a configuration dual camera on the back, which consists of of a 13 megapixel main sensor with an aperture of f / 1.9 and a secondary sensor of 5 megapixels with an aperture of f / 2.2. The second camera allows photography wide-angle and can be selected through of the camera application on the phone smart. You also get a front camera of 5 megapixel f / 2.0, which are capable to record video in high definition. The main rear camera on the Samsung Galaxy M10 is not bad in any way considering the price of the device, but neither is very good. The photos taken with the M10 are good to first sight, but looking closely see some grain and lack of details. Also, the colors are a little off and the photos appear a little darker than the real scenes. Low-light performance can be good when you take macro and first images flat, but with subjects at a distance, you will see a lot of grain in the images. In addition, the illuminated parts of the image (like street lights or lamps) They tend to overexpose themselves. Finally, since the phone does not have a fingerprint scanner, the recognition Facial is the only option to unlock the phone through biometrics. Unfortunately, it works too slow to be used at any time, and that yes remember to be in places with good lighting, because if the device does not delay yet more in recognizing your face. Going to the photographic section of the Samsung a20 we have its rear cameras doubles are 13MP and 5MP, which make a good set with the 8MP front sensor. The interface is simple and quite simple with the Configurations, Flash, Timer, Resolution and Effects located in the part superior, while modes like Panorama, Pro, Live Focus, Photo and Video meet below the screen. The rear sensors provide excellent quality of photos with a decent sharpness and good color accuracy in photos with enough light.

For poorly lit shots, the details are are affected and there is a visible noise, but the camera software is enough Smart enough to produce useful images.

I advise you not to use the wide-angle lens during the night, since the photos will be granulated For the selfies sensor, I can not help feel that the photos are too artificial in terms of the highlights even in the lighting conditions adequate. And finally we have the device has facial recognition, which I think it's appropriate, it takes a little longer than other devices, but I speak clearly of seconds, it's not such a marked difference, but in general terms it works properly PRICE The cost of these 2 spectacular Smartphones It is the following: For the Samsung M10 it is = 690,000 pesos col = 4,054 mex pesos = 212 dollars = 189 Euros For the Samsung A20 it is = 525,000 pesos col = 3,048 mex pesos = 159 dollars = 142 Euros It is worth clarifying that they are currency with relation to the price of the device in Colombia and in the date of the video DIFFERENCES The Samsung M10 beats the Samsung A20 in: Only in Camera For its part the Samsung A20 beats it widely to the Samsung M10 in the following aspects: Personalization, keypad, processor, battery, software, screen and price In the aspects that tie are: Design, ram and storage WINNER!!! The Samsung a20 was the overwhelming winner of this video, not only because of its operation, aesthetics and battery autonomy but because at a low cost, if we compare it with its rival, gives us many benefits and features that maybe on the other device you're not going to find I hope you liked the video, remember subscribe activate notifications, give I like it and share it so that you continue enjoying of more similar content. See you soon .

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