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Hello everyone, welcome to a new video in this opportunity we will face the Samsung j6 VS the Samsung j7 pro. Remember to subscribe and activate the bell of notifications. Then let's start DESIGN The Samsung J6 brings with it infinite screen almost without borders, it seems fair evolution I needed last year's J5, which had been somewhat obsolete in design with respect to its rivals. The Galaxy J6 has a refreshing design, with a high screen, comfortable grip and body elegant, this mid-range device is pretty attractive It is 8.2 mm thick, so it feels comfortable in the hand. In addition to that, as we noticed in our first prints, the back panel is not very matte or bright, which means that it does not pick up the unnecessary spots. A negative aspect that is obvious is its lack of ambient light sensor that does not will offer us the option of an automatic change of brightness, that is, we have to change it manually In its dimensions we have 149.3 x 70.2 x 8.2 mm thick. The Samsung J7 PRO in its design is quite striking, the truth, I liked it and much how attractive it is (maybe, something big, but this is not especially problematic). The weight stays at 181 grams.

This terminal is a model with pretty edges rounded that allow a good grip but that, unfortunately, gets dirty with enough ease, since the prints are marked in the back and in the front. The finishes present in this mobile we They make you think that you are in a segment of high prices, which is not the case, because that the Samsung J line is still being maintained as the most aggressive as far as relationship quality price refers.

In general, the changes are noticed aesthetics that have been made in this terminal, compared with its clear predecessor is.

In its dimensions we will find 152.4 x 74.7 x 7.9 mm thick. PERSONALIZATION For Samsung j6 we will have 3 shades as with black, blue and gold, that without place to doubt will give that aesthetic touch different. In the aesthetic section the Samsung j7 pro we will find it in 4 different tonalities, in Blue, Pink, Gold and Black. This blue hue is the new color in the j7 family, it is the first terminal of those that presents it BUTTON In the Samsung j6 we will have the buttons Start and Back at the bottom of the screen. According to the application that we use and that Supports extended screen resolution, the buttons may or may not appear on the screen at all times. On the left, the Galaxy J6 has the buttons of volume, a tray for SIM 1 and a second tray for SIM 2 and a microSD card. On the right we will find a lock button / on and a small slot for the speaker. The port is Micro-USB and not type C, as we would expect for terminals of this time, his microphone and the 3.5mm headphone jack is find in the bottom. This terminal has a fingerprint reader in its back, which works as we expected, is to say something fast, but in moments in a hurry you can smear the camera with your fingers for its location with respect to the reader, which I always criticize terminals with the sensor in this place In the J7 pro we will have on his left side two buttons to control the volume of the phone while a few millimeters more below we find two removable trays: in the first one we can introduce one SIM card and in the second slot -double- we have space to insert a second SIM and a microSD card to expand memory internal phone If we go to the right side first thing will surprise us will be the presence in that site of the main speaker, since it is a site different from the usual. Below this we will have the power button and blocking. The J7 pro also incorporates a reader of Fingerprints on the Home button of the front part.

Its operation is relatively fast and quite accurate, being able to use the footprint to unlock the phone in a way very comfortable or to verify our identity through Samsung Pass for payments with the mobile. Before I continue with the video I remember you that we are raffling a Samsung Galaxy fold and a Samsung s10 plus, if you want to know the steps to follow click on the card the top right that is appearing on your screen, Now if we continue ... RAM As for RAM, on the Samsung j6 we will find two versions, that is to say one of 3 and another of 4GB. As for RAM, in the j7 pro we will find a single version of 3GB, more this does not mean that later this terminal take different versions with other capabilities STORAGE For the Samsung J6 we will have two versions 32 and 64GB, which can be expanded by microSD cards up to 256GB.

In the J7 pro we will have as usual 2 versions, in one will run with a memory of 16 and in others with a 32GB, which can be extended by microSD cards up to 256GB, capabilities that are more than enough for your files and information personal. PROCESSOR The Galaxy J6 is powered by the Exynos 7870 Octa-core that runs at 1.6 GHz, which it is one of the most disappointing aspects of this terminal. Said processor has been the favorite option of Samsung for the economic models in in recent years, and that I believe a upgrade.

The performance in this j6 will give you a service optimal in day-to-day functions as is to consult social networks, send emails and take pictures. You can even realize this when playing titles of low graphic demand where You will see that it is fluid and fast, this mobile dares even with advanced 3D games, thanks to its 3GB of RAM you can run them but in the long run you'll see Lag present, with which this terminal will not be the indicated if you are a person who wishes for this type of games.

We arrived at one of the most important sections of the Galaxy J7 pro, at least for me, since the smartphone hides inside Exynos 7870 octa-core processor that runs at 1.6 GHz, in addition to this it has a Mali-T830MP2 GPU. The truth is that in the most practical it's not a setback since I've checked that the mobile is able to move with absolute fluency in the most everyday scenarios thanks, among other things, to 3 GB of RAM memory that comes standard.

That is, in everyday applications, it moves in an excellent way but in great games demand, it looks a bit delayed due in part to the GPU that for this terminal is deficient. BOTH BOTH In the Samsun j6 we will find the capacity of 3000 mAh that may seem relatively low on the spec sheet, but this phone manages a great time of wait.

It has a full day autonomy with a load, with a regular use that includes a couple of hours of video transmission, which is on a par with other terminals in the same price segment. In our battery test in the use of HD video, the smartphone lasted 14 hours and 10 minutes, beating the Asus ZenFone.

However, we must touch a section that we find it frustrating which is your time of loading, since it takes almost an hour to arrive at 40 percent and more than 2.5 hours to reach the 100 percent mark. The battery of the Samsung Galaxy J7 pro increases also regarding last year's version to get up to 3,600 milliamps of capacity, a very considerable figure although again we miss the compatibility with fast charging technology. In the device we will not have any problem in arriving at the end of the day with a intensive use of the telephone and if we perform more conventional use (navigation web, email, social networks, among others) it is possible to reach both days, especially if we use any of the energy saving modes. SOFTWARE In terms of software, the Samsung Galaxy J6 runs the Samsung user interface Experience 9.0 that covers the Android version 8.0 Oreo, which we have previously seen in the most premium phones of the company In the J7 pro we will find the Android version 7.0 under Samsung's customization layer renamed Samsung Experience in its version 8.1, the same as we found nothing less than in the Galaxy S8. SCREEN For the Samsung J6 we will have in the front of the phone a curved edge 2.5D crystal for the 18.5 aspect Infinity screen: 9. but here we do not have a reduction of frames as remarkable as in high ranges nor neither the rounded corners. Although it is noteworthy that Samsung has used one of its own Super AMOLED panels of 5.45 inches with HD + resolution (720x1480 pixels). As is the case with AMOLED screens, the colors are sharp and precise, blacks They are deep and the brightness is decent, although some consider the resolution disappointing, which I do not share, because for me this guy of panels are the best to date that a terminal can have. The screen of the J7 pro is still a Super AMOLED which tend to be more striking for the users for their vibrant colors and its deep blacks, one of the novelties in this terminal is the incorporation of environmental light sensor with which we can activate the automatic brightness mode that will adapt the brightness of the screen to the circumstances of the day or night, which in turn results in greater autonomy.

This phone has a 5.5-inch panel with Full HD resolution ie 1080 x 1920 pixels It also has the function Always On a feature exclusive until last year for the range high that is now available to all pockets ... although, yes, the phone does not It has notifications LED. The operation of this technology is very simple. When the phone is at rest part of the screen is illuminated to show basic information such as notifications received.

CAMERA In the Samsung J6 we will have for your camera rear a single 13 megapixel sensor with an opening f / 1.9.

With which we will get some decent photos that can be a bit moved if the we take during the day, although you'll have to pay enough attention to realize, besides its dynamic range is below of the average. Even close-ups are disappointing, with a reproduction of soft colors, that It can be easily noticed.

There is an HDR mode but that does not help much Improve the quality of the image. As for the front we will have a 8 megapixel camera with the same aperture f / 1.9. A selfie light has been provided, which It should not be confused with a real flash. Instead, it provides slightly illumination better to help reduce noise in conditions low light. The diurnal selfies are fine, but the that are taken at night are generally not worth worth posting on social networks. You can use the Stickers mode in the application camera, a feature that is also go on the flagship phones of the series S of Samsung. Video recording has a limit of Full-HD resolution (1080p), and autofocus it's okay. The videos are unstable in the absence of (Electronic image stabilizer).

The main camera of Samsung Galaxy J7 pro reaches up to 13 megapixels with a fairly wide focal aperture of (f / 1.7). The great novelty, however, lies in the frontal sensor that has gone from 5 megapixels last year at 13 megapixels of the present version, which of course maintains the LED flash for selfies. The photographs offer a level of quality remarkable, especially in favorable conditions of good lighting. We can make macro photographs with the automatic mode to highlight an object in close-up and blur the background, getting also pretty decent results if we compare them to what we saw in the last generation. PRICE The cost of these 2 spectacular Smartphones It is the following: For the Samsung j6 is = 500,000 pesos col = 3,062 mex pesos = 159 dollars = 140 Euros For the Samsung j7 pro it is = 670,900 pesos col = 3,840 mex pesos = 201 dollars = 180 Euros It is worth clarifying that they are currency with relation to the price of the device in Colombia and in the date of the video DIFFERENCES The Samsung j6 beats the Samsung j7 pro in: Design, ram, storage, software and price For its part the Samsung j7 pro beats it widely to Samsung j6 in the following aspects: Personalization, keypad, battery, screen and camera In the aspects that tie are: Only in Processor WINNER!!! This was a surprise confrontation, never imagine that such an old terminal, that is to say a device thrown a couple of years was going to win and how to the Samsung j6, which is a newer device and which, in turn, leads in sales in the range average, not only for its beautiful aesthetic section but for its operation. I hope you liked the video, remember subscribe activate notifications, give I like it and share it so that you continue enjoying of more similar content. See you soon .

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