Samsung Galaxy A10 vs Huawei Y6 Prime 2019: In-depth Comparison Review!

hey guys it's Fisayo here and this is my comparison between the Samsung Galaxy A10 and the Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 now these two devices are very similar and are also very different in some ways I'll be exploring all of that in this video but there are some differences that are ever so slight especially in price and by that slight difference in price I'm talking 900 Naira difference or less than three dollars of difference so the Samsung Galaxy A10 is 43000 Naira and the Huawei Y6 Prime is 43,900 on Jumia and I'll also be doing some tests. Without further ado let's get to the video Before we get into testing for a quick rundown of both of specifications differences and similarities these devices were both released in the same month here in Nigeria and they were both announced in February of 2019 as far as their physicality goes their body designs are quite different but the same now what do I mean here well they are both plastic but the Y6 prime wins it in my opinion as far as the looks are concerned with that Faux Leather stitching on the back and it looks more attractive. The Huawei Y6 Prime felt quite light in the hand at 149 grams while the A10 was above it at 166 grams and you can notice the difference when you hold it I'll just go ahead and say it that a major drawback for the A10 is the lack of the fingerprint reader.

During my use I actually reached the back of the device unconsciously I was disappointed in the fact that I couldn't get a fingerprint reader and a lot of people had similar comments about the lack of fingerprint reader in the previous video the Huawei Y6 Prime has a fingerprint reader and that could be a major deciding factor for some.

They both have 720p displays 1520 by 720 on the A10 and 1560 by 720 on the Y6 prime 2019 and Y6 even has a higher ppi at 282 compared to 269 on the A10 So on paper the Huawei Y6 Prime has a better display but on Samsung's display I couldn't see much of the pixels the y6 prime is 6.09 inches while the A10 is 6.2 inches they've got notches at the centre that that is Huawei's Dew Drop notch and Samsung's infinity V or water drop notch I like the slickness of the V and I also like the space that you get on the dew drop the chin of the A10 is slightly smaller which makes it have more screen to body ratio at 81.6% versus seventy nine point two percent on the Huawei y6 prime. Video streaming on both these devices were of course capped at 720p because of the screen resolutions and the way I placed them down here I couldn't really hear the audio from Samsung because of the speaker placement at the back that aside here's all the Both sound in terms of voice and music let me know what you guys think about sound quality and the speaker quality coming right out of these devices so this is a voice test my voice is recorded through the phone let me know what you guys think about sound quality and the speaker quality coming right out of these devices they're both Android 9 devices and the A10 is running on one UI while the Y6 is EMUI. They both have two gigabytes of RAM at 32 gigabytes of storage and the A10 has an Exynos 7884 chip which is an octa-core processor with an average speed of 1.5 gigahertz you have two different speeds but I just did the average while on the Y6 it's a MediaTek 6761 quad core processor clocked at two gigahertz benchmarks show that the A10 has a single core speed of one thousand one hundred and sixty five and a multi-core speed of 3515 while the Y6 Prime has eight three six and a multi core of two four six one this simply means that task will ideally load faster on the A10 due to the octa-core processor compared to the quad core on a y6 prime. Other things to note are that the Y6 Prime has bluetooth 4.2 while the A10 has Bluetooth 5.0 and they both have 4G capabilities and in case you haven't watched any of the previous videos they both have dual SIM slots so now that we've concluded with that were jumping into the testing phase of the video I made sure that both phones were 100% so we'll just jump right in we're gonna be doing a speed test multitasking battery drain test heat tests after gaming and a charging tests we'll first start by opening some apps for the speed tests that are between 50 MB and 2 gigabytes in size and we'll also check multitasking afterwards now I understand that the A10 has a faster processor and would most likely open apps faster so keep that in mind before we go into this comparison the first apple open is Riptide GP and then we'll open Subway Surfers and then we'll open fruit ninja we'll open Shadow Fight 3 and lastly we'll open PUBG over all the A10 loads up faster but startup times fell short sometimes all this is expected with the faster processor on the A10 of course as I said and this doesn't mean too much as far as the y6 is concerned in my opinion I'm not sure how it would be affecting it long-term but I'll be betting on the A10 to still perform after a long while you can also say that when we get to multitasking we see all the apps are open now when I click on one they all load up from the beginning again one thing to note here is that both phones don't have great RAM management because it's just 2 gigabytes of RAM and it's not enough it's nothing to worry about though because singular tasks would run just fine it would however be good if you don't run too many apps or over tasks it's so one app at a time but two gigabytes of RAM is just not enough so now that we've got PUBG open we'll get into the battery drain test with 30 minutes of PUBG on each of them the temperature of the A10 and the Y6 Prime was an average of 35 degrees and after 30 mins of property gaming an observation battery went down to 90% on the A10 and when I also gamed on the A10 battery went down to 88% so it's still just 2 percent higher than the Y6 Prime they didn't really heat much temperature levels just rose up by 2 degrees I did notice that if I increase the gaming resolution on either one of them it would definitely take a toll on the battery and the temperature I was about to do the charging test when I downloaded the battery widget and I found out that the actual milliamp hour for the A10 is 3300 and not 3400 as labeled I don't know how accurate this is but I just thought is something that you should note I managed to get both batteries down to 80% and I usually widget to measure charging speed after 10 minutes I'm using the chargers that came with the pack of both devices so let's see how that goes charging was much faster on the Y6 Prime by 1% and then 3% afterwards even though their power adapters both have the same 5 volt outputs I left it to charge it while longer again and this was even more apparent that the y6 prime was faster to charge the front camera of the A10 is 5 mega pixels with an aperture of f 2.0 while on the y6 prime it's 8 megapixels with an aperture of f-2.0 as well and both front cameras can record in full HD for the back camera we got 13 megapixels on both of them and the y6 has an aperture of 1.8 while the A10 has an aperture of 1.9 so again on paper the y6 is better in the photos however they came out different shots on the Samsung are really soft but they do so to eliminate noise on the y6 it's presented as is with the noise unless you use flash and as far as the flash goes I didn't really notice much of a difference on Samsung but as I said noise is eliminated and even in the Huawei it gives an overly retouched look normal selfies on the A10 also look very soft and when compared to the y6 it's just apparent they also don't handle exposure super well so you want to take selfies against colorful places on the main shooters I also noticed that the Y6 has a lot more darker shadows while Samsung has a flat image profile not only are the shadows dark on the Huawei Y6 Prime the highlights are also very high as well making it lose some of the details in the shots basically the y6 prime will produce images with darker shadows more often and brighter highlights and with some editing you might actually be able to revive the shots. Auto focus was faster on the A10 and stabilization wasn't the strongest suit in any of these devices Alright guys so this is the front facing camera video quality of the Huawei Y6 Prime and Samsung Galaxy A10. Let me know what you think about the video quality as you can see they're both very exposed.. Because the image processing is not so high end here. and they both record in stereo audio. The A10 has visible microphones up at the top and the bottom While the Y6 Prime has a visible microphone at the top and I think there's a microphone at the bottom as well so let me know what you guys think about the sound quality video quality both of them record in 1080p this is a 1080p recording for both front cameras and they also will record in 1080p at the back as well which is a good thing let me know what you think about the quality in the comment section down below one other thing I also notice from the front camera is that video on the y6 prime is wider than A10 so that's something to keep in mind as far as my verdict Samsung has managed to offer something in competing waters for a less than 120 dollar charge I like One UI or the A10 and Huawei also has new features on EMUI like I said in the beginning a lot of people might be drawn away from the A10 due to the lack of fingerprint and I would completely understand if this device had a fingerprint for the same price it would however be in my recommendations list however the y6 prime shines in the body design slickness and they are both commendable products but according to what you've seen which one would you pick alright so that's it for my comparison and thoughts on both these phones what do you guys think of this Samsung Galaxy A10 and the Huawei Y6 Prime let me know in the comment section down below also if you have any questions about any of these devices let me know I'll be happy to answer them and we'll chat in the comment section down below please like the video if you enjoyed it and don't forget to subscribe and turn on post notifications so you'll be the first to see any new video I post thank you so much for watching and I'll see you guys my next video.

It's Fisayo here and this is my compar...*coughs* Samsung Galaxy A10 and the Huawei y6 Prime and the Huawei Y6 prime now these devices are very very similar and are also very...who is that now who are these people is making noise these two devices are in the same price range or similar..... brand-new a series devices for the budget and mid-range category *PING* wth .

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