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- Wingardia leviosa. - Huh? - Its a Harry Potter thing. (upbeat music) - This Week In Gear is presented by Crown and Caliber. The smarter way to buy or sell a luxury watch. - Alright Tucker, three and a half years later, iPad Mini.

- We got an iPad Mini, it's out. - It's out. It looks just like the old one.

- It is just like the old one.

Its actually, that's the funny thing about this product. It looks exactly like an iPad and in many ways it feels like an old iPad.

It's got the same form factor, it uses the same generation one. - We're still using the iPad Pencil one. - Yes, it still charges like a stingray. Like you put it in there and it charge, boom. This feels like an unremarkable product. The only cool, I mean, its got upgraded specs. Its got new chips set, new display, but the coolest thing about this is it's size.

Seven point nine inch display, rather than the nine point inch, nine point seven inch. And it just is easy to carry. - Its an incremental upgrade, but it does have the newest processor A12 in it. But the thing I love about the iPad Mini is it knows what the hell that it is. - Yeah. - Because with the iPad Pro you're trying to, is this a laptop replacement? - Yeah. - Even the iPad, its just an iPad. - Yeah. - And it's for the people that really loved it to just say, hey I want something that's not a phone, but it's not a laptop. - Yeah, I think its easy, like, to over think this. I think in many ways, like, Apple just is killing it with the iPads. They make by far the best tablets and with this and the new iPad Air, they're just giving people a different option, saying, hey if you want a different size, you can get a different size. You can basically do the same thing as the nine point seven inch and the iPad Air.

They're all relatively similar. But they're just giving you different size option, and people frankly like the size option and it's a great size. - No, it's a perfect size, it's one that you technically put into a pocket and you can two finger type on it or split keyword type, which is like, my favorite thing. Its got all the features that you want. I still love Touch ID, I don't necessarily need a face ID for an iPad. And the price on this is? - Its $399, which is a step up from the two, $329 of like their best selling. This is their best selling iPad. - Just the bog standard iPad. - Yeah they basically can do the same thing, like Apple pencil support. - But only first generation iPad. - Yeah, the first generation. - Which is a little difficult to hold. - Yeah, its frustrating for a lot of people, I'm sure. - This is what Apple does, it incrementally upgrades their computers and all their devices. - Yeah, yeah, it's a great iPad. It's small, people will love it. It's expensive but all iPads are kind of expensive. - So here's a question. If I'm watching Game of Thrones on the weekends, do I want to use an iPad or iPad mini? - Good question, I think you wanna use probably the iPad Mini, its got true tones so like you probably, it probably treat your eyes better if you watch in the dark. - Okay, thanks. (calming music) - In 1989, Nike brought us a new line of shoes with a simple idea. Bring performance athletics to the great outdoors. Nike called it ACG, All Conditions Gear. And in the nearly 30 years since we were first introduced to icons like the Son of Lava Dome and the Aqua Sock. ACG has come to define the company's effort to get urban athletes out of the city and into the outdoors. This is its latest shoe. The new ACG React Terra Gobi. For the first time, Nike has brought react foam technology to an ACG shoe. We recently traveled to Oregon's mount hood to put the Gobi through the paces, testing the reach hold foam through sun, rain, and snow to see if the Gobi lives up to ACG reputation of outdoor performance and good looks. - So Meg, how was it? - The trip was great. - Yep. - We were in Portland and got to go up to Mount Hood, test out these new shoes in kind of all conditions as they are called, All Conditions Gear. We took them through rainy forests, through snow-covered mountains, as you're driving up Mount Hood, there's a point where the trees totally change from very green and lush and beautiful and then all of a sudden they're snow-covered and wind blown and you're like, oh, now I'm at the top of the mountain, I'm heading up there. - You took a Cat up to the top you hiked at Silcox, right? - Yeah, we got to the Timberline Lodge, which is where they filmed The Shining, and then we got on Cat machines and basically went all the way up to Silcox hut, which I think is at, like, 7000 feet basically. We basically, like, glamped up there, it's all bunk rooms. It's a beautiful stone structure building from what I could see from the inside. The night that we got there you could not see more than like two feet in front of your face. - Alright. - So it was very intense. - Okay, so speaking of glamping, ACG has become a bit lifestyle. - I can understand why you think that. It's the colors. And like, how loud they are, and it does definitely draw attention to the gear that you're wearing and that's kind of what they want to advertise for that. - Walk me through some of the features that they've added to it. - Yeah, so basically the newest feature this year is that they added this react foam to the base of the shoe. And so it's the same foam that we've seen in kind of like the Epic React which launched early last year and then the Odyssey React sneakers as well. - And they re-tooled that foam for this shoe, right? - Yeah, so basically what they've changed you would still see the foam in all the white here and then they added these two sticky rubber medial plates up here which they're actually labeled if you look really close, you can kind of read along the black rubber there at the top. It says sticky rubber and then at the bottom, - I love that its labeled. - Yeah, its really helpful, and then the bottom and top, the two toe and heel lugs you can see that it says hard rubber. The react foam, it doesn't really have much grip to it so when you're kind of like leaping over moss covered trees and all of that, - Which we saw in the film. - Yes, you might slip so that's why these helped me walk, and hike, and run which was great. - And when are they coming out? - April 20th, and they will be 150 dollars last time I checked. - Alright, okay, thanks Meg. - No problem, thanks Eric. - So this is the Artisan Revere chef's knife. I bought it for 249 dollars on Kickstarter.

I bought it for one very nerdy reason. And its mostly this little soft curve you see on the bottom of the knife. I have small hands, it fits my hand perfectly. Kinda lets you choke up on the knife. Most Japanese style knives that are nice and light and thin have a hard edge right here which gives me a blister, most western style knives are thick and heavy and even if they were ergonomically focused they still don't really fit my cutting style well. This also has a nice handle, nice curve ergonomic handle that most Japanese style knives will not have. - [Narrator] This Week In Gear, is presented by Crown & Caliber, the smarter way to buy or sell a luxury watch. And until May 31st, Crown and Caliber is offering This Week In Gear viewers 175 dollars towards a purchase at - Alright Nick Caruso, you drove the Cadillac CT6 Super Cruise. - Okay, yeah so actually, - Wait, am I getting the name right? - You are, no, so in reality the Cadillac CT6 drove me. - It did? - See what I did there? - Oh, SC stands for Super Cruise? So, it's all about super cruise. - So super cruise is Cadillac's autonomous driving tech. - Like auto pilot in the Tesla? - It sets itself alone because it is the only truly hands free, - Oh wait, you don't have to keep your hands on the steering wheel in this one? - No, you push the button and it takes over on the highway. - How much driving can it do for you? - It will stay in one lane and do all the driving for you on a limited access highway. So what Cadillac does is it's taking digital maps and it overlays its own GPS signal on to those and knows exactly where the car is within four inches. - Within four inches? - Within four inches. - How much is the option on the car? The super cruise.

- I'm so glad you asked. This package alone costs 6000 dollars. - Oh okay, 6000 dollars is not that bad. 50,000 base, but you drove it 83,000 tested, which means you added exactly 60% more in options on the car. - Yeah, yeah, yeah. (laughing) - Okay, alright. - What, how else would you, - What're you getting for exactly one more Cadillac? - You're getting a 404 horse power, twin turbo charge, three liter V6. You would like this, the Panaray, do you know the Panaray audio system? - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Great stuff.

Its got 34 speakers. (laughing) - 34 speakers? - Yeah, yeah. And then, - Wait a second. (laughing) - 34 speakers. You get to, you carry some with you. (laughing) - You mean like there's one in the visor? (laughing) - Every where you look, put some in the glove box. - Alright, okay. 34 speakers. - Why is there a speaker on the break pedal? - Yeah, exactly. - Alright so here's a question though, for 80, well 50,000 base, 83,000 dollars, if you're looking for an executive level, like seven series size, domestic flagship sedan, - Right. - Is this the car? - You weigh this against the Lincoln continental, which I love a lot. The Cadillac is not my style, I think their styling is a little aggressive and sort of like, - I like it. - Not really my cup of tea, but this is a great car. The point here is the Super Cruise, right? This is for someone who is on the highway a lot, and it does a very good job. It's weird, but it does a good job. - And needs 34 speakers. - Tanner here we go. Oh, golly.

You guys ready? We got a bunch of questions for you. - I'm trying to get out of here. - I know let's do it. Okay, okay. Come on in. Trying to get out. Don't rush me, it's my job to rush you. Okay. Here we go. We are on the way. The longest you've gone without a shower? - (laughs) Three weeks.

- Okay. The best energy snack? - Uh, Rx Bars. - Okay, longest trail ride on a bike? - Longest trail ride on a bike? Oh gosh, 14 miles? - Oof. Do you trim your mustache? - I do. - Uh, bike or run? - Bike. - Would you rather live on a mountain, or at the base of the mountain. - On a mountain. - Okay. And, uh, your go-to running shoe? - My go-to running shoe, Mizuno. - Alright, Mizuno. You heard it here, folks. Alright, get out of here. We got you down to the ground floor. - See you, Nick. - Thanks. - Hi Josh. - Hi Eric. - First of all, welcome to Gear Patrol. - Thank you. - I think a lot of people should know that you are here, and you are in charge of a lot of our editorial now, and that's pretty cool to see. - It is. - So let's talk about issue nine, which is an amazing piece of work by the way. - Yes, let's talk about issue nine. I'm very proud of it. - The collecting issue.

First of all, this is a total re-architecture of our magazine. - Sure, yeah. So, we start in front and that is what we call the guide, and that is really just pure Gear Patrol.

This is like the coolest stuff out there. - Yeah. - Contextualized, some storytelling behind it.

And then we move into features, which is, as you know, feature stories, some of the bigger, more in-depth narrative around the theme, which is collecting for issue nine. And then our new back-of-book, which I'm really excited about, - Yeah, me too. - Is intel, and intel is cool, so if you think of, y'know, the front-of-book the guide as like really pure Gear Patrol, I think intel is where all the desks kind of play together. It's more of a cocktail party in a way. - A cocktail party? - Yeah, it's really where, y'know, we come around the theme, but it's like not just focused on one product, or just on watches, or just on outdoors and fitness. We have ideas that kind of germinate and play well together. - We've done so much new in this magazine, and I want to unpack one other big story, which is this massive A to Z's of collecting. - Yes, really cool story there. - Really ambitious piece. - So, y'know, I think with the idea of collecting the where you can go naturally is just pointing to a lot of people who have a lot of stuff, right? And we really wanted to do the definitive Gear Patrol guide to collecting, so this walks you A through Z. What are the most collectible things, ideas, places, concepts? It is really more that just about stuff. But there is a lot of great stuff in there. So everything from, y'know, the Air Force One being kind of the most collectible sneaker in the world, all the way through to a little bit about Hasselblad, to the joy of the junk drawer. Like, this is almost a primer on all the different ways you can think about collecting. - I got to ask, what's you favorite story in the magazine? No pressure that everybody back here might know what you're saying. - Don't tell anybody outside of this room. - Us and the audience.

- I really like, we have, in the front-of-book, in the guide, we have a story called, How to Go Dark. - Yep. - It was a very interesting take on the idea of collecting, because, y'know, as we're seeing in the news, big data, the big technology companies, they're all trying to collect our digital lives, right? So this is a how-to about, how not to wind up as part of their collection, right? So, various stages and tips and tricks that you can use to get your privacy back, to keep you digital life kind of walled off from the people who are trying to collect all your data. - So this story about nowhere to go but gone - Japanese whiskey. Great story, great story.

- Which we all love here. - Anybody who spends any time around collectible spirits knows that like, it's all about the hunt, and it's kind of hard to track stuff down, and when it's gone, it's gone, and you're going to spend maybe years looking for it. What was really interesting about this was the author, Matt Bean, thought in a very interesting way about how to go about collecting this stuff. And he was essentially sleuthing various bottles. He was stalking people on Instagram, other collectors, he was looking, he was seeing what stock was going into stores. And then he was using the gig economy, he was getting task rabbits to, - I read that. - Yeah, to go out into liquor stores, in like rural Pennsylvania and buy this stuff for him. Here's how to think differently about collecting, here's how to use all the resources available to you. - You got to go watch this printing being done, how was that? - I did, which was super, super cool. Yeah, it's great, so we moved from sheet-fed printing to web printing, which you know quite a bit about. So, and we have a new printer down in Arizona, - Yep. - And heading down there and just, I mean, I love magazine making. I love the process of it and the craft of it. So to be able to go and see, like, this real labor of love that, y'know, when I got in the door not long ago and hit the ground running putting it together, to see it come off the printer and smell it come off the printer and feel it, it was pretty special. - That's amazing, alright. Thank you, Josh.

Quarterly magazine, congratulations. - Quarterly magazine, thank you very much. (upbeat music) .

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