Redmi K20 (Mi 9T) Review: Best Budget Phone Under $300

hey what's up, sami here. As redmi k20 pro unboxings and reviews were all over the internet, but you barely see any for the redmi k20, so let's get to it in this video.

Just for the record, Xiaomi is going to name the China version K20 and K20 Pro to Mi 9T and Mi 9T Pro for international market The only difference is the logo at the back of the phone as you can see from the leaked pictures All other specs are exactly the same. So I might call it Mi 9T hands on as well. Without further ado, let's get started.

The packaging is pretty much the same as K20 Pro: you can see a cute Godzilla at the back trying to swallow something. Under the box it printed with the color and the storage etc, mine is the glacier version comes with 8gigs of RAM plus 256 gigs of ROM. When u open the box, the first layer is the pin, manual those paperwork and a pretty solid black phone case Gotta say it's much better quality than those transparent cover that comes with previous Xiaomi phones.

Then is the phone, a type-c cable and an 18 watt fast charger, I have to remind you for the Redmi K20, it supports only up to 18 w fast charge, not like 27W on Redmi K20 Pro. On the design wise, the screen, the color and the craft on both K20 and K20 pro are the same When you flash light on it, it generates this cool and elegant flame pattern. Move to the bottom, it comes with type-c port and a dual-nano SIM card slot, BTW, it doesn't support SD card expansion. On the top, you will see a pop up front camera module, a 3.5mm headphone jack and a mic Since the selfie camera module takes way too much space and they omit the infrared blaster. As the design is the same as K20 Pro, now let's talk about the difference. The biggest one is the chipset, the K20 features Snapdragon 730 while the Pro has the Snapdragon 855 The second one is the main camera; it has switched from the Sony IMX586 sensor on K20 Pro to IMX 582 on K20 Is that a big difference? Not really, well, for IMX 586 it supports 4k 60fps video recording, for IMX582 only 4k/30fps One last thing of the camera difference, for K20 Pro it features laser focus as well, but not on the K20. For other camera specs they stay the same, both support 13MP wide angle, 8MP telephoto and 2 times zoom. If you are wondering how the screen looks like on K20, I can definitely say it's as gorgeous as K20 Pro, while on Xiaomi's official site it didn't specifically say which screen they use like on K20 Pro, which the latter has a Samsung's AMOLED one. I bet they are the same regarding the brightness, the viewing experience from my point of view. I ran Antutu benchmark and geek-bench for both phones as you may care most about the two phones’s hardware performance. For K20, the Antutu got around 210K scores, for K20 Pro, is around 370K scores For the Geekbench, the single core and multi core is as listed on the screen, what do you guys think about it? Now move to the gaming test.

For both phones they support Mi Game turbo, however, when in PUBG, for K20 only supports HD image quality and high frames, not like the super high frames and HDR+ image quality on the Pro version From my gaming experience, it performs much smooth and stable than Snapdragon 710 and Snapdragon 660. To be honest, i wouldn't worry that much about this SD 760 chipset gaming performance, I need to worry about my gaming skills.

For the audio quality performance, it claims to feature the Qualcomm Aqstic audio codec technology (WCD9340) you know the real Hi-Fi level From my test, yes, it’s loud and has a better performance than previous Mi phones, however, if you just listen to it without headphones, it’s not as good as those phones feature with dual stereo speakers like iPhone or even Meizu 16s, but if you put on your headset then you will notice the big difference comparing with other phones It’s just awesome Last thing I wanna mention is the super battery life, the K20 features a 4000mah battery you can easily use it for one day even if you are a heavy user It even outperforms Mi9, as snapdragon 730 has less power consumption. To be honest, the K20 has the best battery life of all the new phones I’ve reviewed so far this year I'm pretty happy with it. So to conclude, priced at 1999RMB ($289), the K20 maybe is the best phone you can BUY. As for other phones at the same price, they either have a watered-down chipset or a less satisfying design like the plastic back or something I definitely recommend this Redmi K20 phone if you are looking to get a new Smartphone.

That’s it, guys, if you still have any questions about the phone please leave a comment below. Huge thanks to my content partner YIMING Tech, for more about the phone, you can check out or even consider buying one on my sponsor’s website: Geekbuying All links are in the description. Thanks for watching, I'm Sami. See you next time. .

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