POCKET MINI GOLF Gameplay - Mini Golf Game for Android & iOS

Hello fellow gamers to Big Paw Gaming! Pocket Mini Golf is a new casual sports game of golf where you trying to get the ball in the hole in less than 3 hits while trying hopefully to get the diamond and avoid some crazy obstacles. You control the ball by adjusting the strength of the hit, angle and curve. All done with just movement of one finger, which is pretty good design. The game art is casual and you can look at the course from 3D perspective or 2D. I prefer 3D since it gives a bit more depth to the game and I can see clearly the path of the ball but 2D can sometimes help me decide how I want to strategize my 3 moves. There is obviously almost no sound in the game, which is quite disappointing. I feel bored and empty while playing the game. The gameplay is actually fun, the graphics are okay, and pretty no sound, but my final score for the game is pathetically low 2/10. Why? The ads. I think I haven't seen more aggressive approach to forced video ads than in Pocket Mini Golf. My shortest gameplay was 8 seconds before I was forced to watch 30 seconds ad.

My longest was roughly 25-30 seconds. This game could be so much better and probably would be ranked higher with a score of 6 or even 7, but it is almost unplayable now. The developers should at least slow down a bit in the first and second session of the game to let the player decide if they want to unlock no ads version or not. Anything that forces me to watch an ad every 1 minute or less is in my blacklist. I do not recommend you to try this game, but if you want to still compare to other casual golf games for mobile, I still leave links for Android and iOS in the description below. I hope you like this video and watch it to the end. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below. If you are new to the channel, please subscribe for daily games review. Thanks for watching and see you soon! .

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