Particles Magic Effect - Android Tutorial

Hi guys! Thank you for purchasing the Particles Magic Effect app. This app allows you to make visually appear a spectator's chosen card by shaking card pips over your smartphone screen.

In the settings, you can create unlimited playing card designs or text messages by dragging and dropping pips and letters. In the editor, you can add all required pips and letters that can be moved, scaled and rotated as needed.

You launch the trick by selecting the playing card you are going to force during the trick using a real deck of cards. One shake gesture makes the pips starting to move and bouncing on the screen edges.

A second shake gesture makes the pips moving to their default position to reveal the card. You exit from the trick by holding a long press on the back button. Let's show you a simple magic trick using this app. While the pips are moving, you lock your smartphone and place it on the table. You place the same card at the top of the deck in order to force this card to your spectator. You perform a false cut to keep the forced card at the same position. In the video description, please find a link to watch a full explanation of the false cut.

Now you force to the spectator the playing card you selected in the app. You perform another false cut to show you shuffle the cards but the selected card is still at the top of the deck. Now you perform a "Double Left", that means you show the second card from the top.

You tell to your spectator you place this random card on the table and you are going to find his selected card with your smartphone. Magically his card appears on the smartphone and the random card becomes also the selected card. Thank you for watching this video and see you later for some new amazing magic trick apps! .

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