NEW 2019 iPhone XR Colors?

- Hey guys, it's Justine and we are back talking about more iPhone updates.

And this actually came out a few days ago, so this isn't really that new but it was something that I wanted to talk about because as you guys know I was a huge fan of the iPhone XR colors that came out last year. I thought the colors were gorgeous, I did an entire unboxing. I also did a really fun giveaway with Jonathan. It's interesting, though, how all these new colors were leaked, it was actually leaked because of broken colored glass. So this is kind of insane, like it came from this tweet from Mark and it's showing here these broken pieces of glass.

So you can see this teal color, and then there's like a light yellow, and then this purple-ish color, and obviously the white which looks probably fairly similar to the previous color. Which could lead us to these two new colors. This lavender and mint. I think these colors are super realistic because the last Apple Watch bands they released during their spring lineup were basically featuring these two colors. These two colors were the main highlight in addition to the papaya color, so I guess they kind of already have the coral color which is very similar to the papaya. So if there's any correlation between the Apple Watch bands and what iPhone colors will be coming out next, I think this is an extremely realistic color. So the camera setup is also sort of interesting and you guys can see here another tweet from Mark. You're my hero.

Am I not following you? I need to be following Mark. So the tweet Mark is showing some iPhone case moldings, and there obviously have been rumors of the next XR. We'll have a duel camera setup which will be pretty awesome, and of course probably the higher end iPhones will have the three camera setup, as you guys can see here. But I'm pretty excited about those colors though. That lavender and mint. I like this photo a lot too, this is from 9to5Mac, so it shows what those new colors would look like next to all of the previous versions of the iPhone XR colors. What is your favorite iPhone XR color? I'm gonna go, I can't answer that question. I don't know. Look like everyone's favorite color is the red. Really? Surprise. What else has Mark been tweetin' about? Because clearly I'm his new biggest fan. So this is the coral color from last year. I should probably go get my phones. Hold on a second. So here are all the Apple Watch spring band colors. And like I said, they're super into the mint, lavender, and the papaya colors.

But these are all the colors. So let's just take a little visualization of what would the mint and the lavender look like against all of these guys, so let's see. It looks like they were gonna be removing two of the colors. I think it was like the blue. So blue and coral, you guys are gonna have to go away.

Which I'm not excited about. Oh god! What I'm not too excited about because I love the coral color. And it doesn't really make sense, especially in this scheme of these, although maybe the coral didn't sell as well so that's how they decided that one has to go. People always talk about like crazy cat ladies and stuff like that. Well, I am definitely crazy iPhone lady.

And I think I'm okay with it. So since I was mostly just talking about the iPhone XR colors, I thought I would just do a quick little search to see if there are any more iPhone 11 leaks. And it looks like some of the articles are saying that this is it. This is going to be the iPhone 11, like it's going to look like this. Oh my gosh, this is actually a render by Concept Creator.

I love his channel, he's so talented and so incredible, and oh my gosh this is great.

If you guys have never checked out his channel, I definitely recommend you do so. He's so, so good. He creates such incredible, beautiful renders. Oh my gosh, these are all from him, I'm so excited. And they have a little video. His videos look like Apple commercials. Like look at this.

This is beautiful. And it's got like some real Apple-ish music. So based on leaks, this is it. So this is Concept Creator's video.

This is the official design, potentially would be our iPhone 11.

Now that we have potentially seen the next iPhone and all of the next XR colors, I'd love to know what you guys think. I know I'm super into the lavender and the mint color, I'm not sure which one I would get if I had to choose. But I probably, oh my gosh I'm not sure. It really is a toss up because purple is one of my favorite colors. Also I was really hoping for a hot pink phone, like this color. The coral is great, but it's not pink. I honestly think a pink phone would do very, very well. I don't think they've ever had a pink phone, like they've had the rose gold phones. Like just picture a phone that Barbie would have, like that's what I want. I know maybe potentially stereotypical, but that's what I want. Maybe not this time, maybe we'll just be getting the lavender and the mint, which I also, man I just can't decide. Do I like the lavender or do I like the mint more? This is really difficult, I need you guys. Tell me in the comments, which one do you like more? If you were me. If you were you, also tell me what you would like. But if you were me, which one would I like? So it will be interesting to see which colors they do decide to knock out. Will it be the blue and the coral like most of the rumors are saying? And obviously judging by that one poll, it seems like red is the most popular color. So I guess time will tell. Thank you guys so much for watching.

Make sure you guys are subscribed and also, like I said, go check out Concept Creator's channel. I absolutely love his channel. He does such a great job with renders, so go check him out, and I think that's all I have for you guys today. Just wanted to catch up really quickly on what the latest was on the iPhone news. I just can't wait until it's actually iPhone time. It really is one of my most favorite times of year. So with that, I'm gonna go edit this video and I will see you guys in the next one. Bye. (upbeat music) .

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