Distracted driving is not limited to using your phone


3 <<Eugene Daniel>>AND ... A CENTRAL ILLINOIS TEAM HAS TO RETURN A NATIONAL TITLETHE RULES BROKEN BY THE BRADLEY SPEECH TEAM. 3 <<Eugene Daniel>>BUT FIRST.... DRIVING WHILE DISTRACTED CAN COST YOU YOUR LIFE AND THE LIVES OF OTHERS. THANK YOU FOR JOINING US TONIGHT-- I'M EUGENE DANIEL...<<Lauren Langer>>AND I'M LAUREN LANGER AS TREASURE ROBERTS FOUND - TEXTING WHILE DRIVING IS NOT THE ONLY TIME DRIVERS ARE TAKING THEIR EYES OFF THE ROAD TREASURE? <<Treasure Roberts EUGENE... ACCORDING TO THE C-D-C - THERE ARE THREE KINDS OF DISTRACTIONS THAT AFFECT PEOPLE ON THE ROAD - VISUAL, MANUAL AND COGNITIVE. RESEARCHERS SAY IF YOU'RE TAKING YOUR EYES OFF THE ROAD, HAND OFF THE WHEEL OR MIND OFF THE TASK - YOU'RE PUTTING OTHERS IN DANGER. <<( DISTRACTED DRIVING IS DANGEROUS AND CAN COME WITH DEVASTATING CONSEQUENCES. 20:39:43:09"Since you're distracted even those couple of seconds that you're not paying attention could be life or death for someone." 20:34:40:14"I pray I never have to experience that but i'd be devastated, because you know like you said driving just one second can cause someone's life or your life." ACCORDING TO THE ILLINOIS STATE POLICE INATTENTION IS A FACTOR IN MORE THAN 1-MILLION CRASHES IN THE U-S EACH YEAR. 20:25:27:01"If you're going 55mph and you take your eyes of the road for a split second you travel about the length of a football field that you're missing." WHILE TEXTING BEHIND THE WHEEL SHIFTS YOUR FOCUS FROM THE ROAD.... 20:24:56:26"..there are a lot of distractions inside your vehicle." THERE ARE OTHER WAYS TO BE DISTRACTED WHILE DRIVING BESIDES USING YOUR PHONE...LIKE PUTTING ON MASCARA... OR EATING A BURGER. 20:25:06:20"You see people all the time with animals on their lap, putting their make-up on, eating you can be as distracted as even using your radio dial." 20:35:21:15"All those types of things you know I think we all fall guilty of... "20:45:48:25"There shouldnt be an excuse because it's going to end up costing you in the long run." 20:41:42:15"When you get on the road you're not only risking your life, you're risking others lives and they need to be thinking about their consequences before they do their actions." ) <<Treasure Roberts>>ILLINOIS STATE POLICE SAY ALTHOUGH IT MAY BE UNREALISTIC....THEY HOPE THE STATE CAN DECREASE THE AMOUNT OF DRIVING RELATED FATALITIES. YOU CAN FIND BEST PRACTICE TIPS FOR SAFE DRIVING ON C-I-PROUD.COM. 3 <<Eugene Daniel>>BLOOMINGTON COUNCIL WOMAN JENN CARRILLO .

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